The history of the No. 37 pick

In Sunday night's blockbuster trade with the Redskins, the Eagles accomplished their goal of landing a top-42 draft pick for 33-year-old quarterback Donovan McNabb. And Eagles fans might be interested to know that teams have done pretty well with that pick over the years.

According to our friends and ESPN Stats & Information (Jason McCallum), it's been 25 years since Philadelphia selected Randall Cunningham with the 37th pick overall. And former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski just happened to be a No. 37 pick in 1973 -- for the Rams.

Other notable picks at No. 37 overall:

  • Darren Woodson, Cowboys (1992)

  • Leonard Marshall, Giants (1983)

  • Cris Collinsworth, Bengals (1981)

  • Jon Jansen, Redskins (1999)