Kolb: 'I didn't even blink'

I just finished watching Kevin Kolb's first news conference as the starting quarterback for the Eagles. I didn't detect an ounce of nerves as he talked about his future with the club.

"I didn't even blink when [head coach] Andy [Reid] told me. I really didn't," said Kolb. "I'm excited about it. I'm sure it will have a little drama, but it will be a fun ride. I truly have that outlook on it. I think this team will surprise some people."

Kolb came across as a guy who's spent years preparing for this day. He was appropriately respectful of what Donovan McNabb accomplished with the Eagles, but he brushed any talk of rebuilding. And he mentioned the words "Super Bowl" a few times.

"That’s been our goal since I've been here, since Andy’s been here," said Kolb. "That's not going to change because we're going younger. ... We will have the same focus day in and day out like when we were trying to make those runs with all the veterans."

Kolb said he never grew impatient about waiting his turn because of his trust in the organization. In his only two starts for the organization (both in '09), Kolb performed pretty well, which gave the Eagles even more confidence in him.

"I trusted the organization, I trusted Andy to get me here one day," said Kolb. "The times last year when I started that I felt I was ready, but the team wasn't ready, maybe the city wasn’t ready. I knew Andy would put me in the situation to be the starter."

Kolb vowed to reach out to fellow Texan Drew Brees for advice on how to survive the peaks and valleys of being a starter in the league. That certainly would be a wise move heading into the 2010 season.

The Eagles didn't do Kolb any favors by trading McNabb to the Redskins. It will make it even easier for fans to make comparisons. But there wasn't anything in Kolb's demeanor Monday that suggested he was all that concerned about trying to fill McNabb's shoes.

He only knows how to be Kevin Kolb. And that's the guy Philadelphia has chosen to take over the reins.