My favorite mock draft of the weekend

In case you missed it Saturday afternoon on ESPN Radio, Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay delivered a rapid-fire mock draft in which McShay selected the odd number picks and Kiper took care of the evens. This exercise is a lot closer to what teams will be doing in draft sessions next week.

Forced to make picks in a matter of seconds, Kiper and McShay produced a fairly intriguing first round. Let's take a look at what happened in the NFC East:

4. Washington Redskins -- OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State: Not a big surprise here. Most mock drafters should nail the first four picks.

15. New York Giants -- DT Dan Williams, Tennessee: The Broncos took linebacker Rolando McClain at No. 11 in McShay and Kiper's rapid-fire mock. And the Giants passed up the best cornerback in the draft in Joe Haden. But Williams actually provides great value at 15. Tremendous player against the run and also has a nice bull-rush. Rocky Bernard was awful last season and Chris Canty couldn't get on the field. It's the right pick -- if Williams is there.

24. Philadelphia Eagles -- C/G Maurkice Pouncey, Florida: Kiper sounded a little flustered about taking Pouncey here, but he likes the value. Pouncey is the best center in the draft. The only downside is that players such as Dan Williams can move him off the ball at times. The Eagles could have taken Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon or USC safety Taylor Mays. But Mays inexplicably falls out of the first round in this mock draft.

27. Dallas Cowboys -- OT Charles Brown, USC: I think Brown's a definite possibility at this spot, but the Cowboys will be hoping that a team behind them wants to trade up for Brown or Mays. But if Dez Bryant slides all the way to No. 25 -- as Kiper suggested -- Jerry Jones will be tempted to go after him. And I wouldn't blame him. Bryant is by far the best wide receiver in the draft. To have a shot at him in the 20s is too much to pass up. I realize there are character concerns related to his '09 suspension, but the Cowboys have shown a lot of interest in Bryant throughout the scouting process. If Bryant goes into free-fall mode, look for Jones to offer him a lifeline. Kiper says the Ravens will take him at No. 25. But that might be wishful thinking for a Ravens season-ticket holder.