Romo wants T.O. back

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In his first TV interview since the Cowboys' season-ending 44-6 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback Tony Romo touched on a number of topics. Channel 11's Babe Laufenberg, an ex-Cowboy quarterback himself, asked Romo point-blank whether he wanted wide receiver Terrell Owens on the team in '09.


"I think everybody on our team wants everybody back," Romo said. "We want to make another run and do it and show everybody that we can.

"You know, I don't make any decisions. I don't pretend to think that I can control anything in that regard. I just think that our football team is excited to get back to work coming forward here. If everyone is back who was there last year, we're going to be going forward and we're going to be excited. We're going to do some things a little different, but we're going to be excited to go forward and hopefully get this thing done next year. It'll be exciting in the process, because we're going to work our butts off.

"But I know there's always change on the football team. I'm not talking about T.O. I'm talking about, we're going to have different guys than we had last year at a lot of different positions, I'm sure. We're bringing guys in. We'll have to get used to some others. We'll see."

It's not like Romo made a passionate argument for bringing T.O. back, but I wouldn't read too much into that. He realizes that anything he says about No. 81 will be analyzed for an entire offseason -- or at least until his teammate is released. To see the interview, click here.