Giants land Nebraska LB Dillard

The New York Giants continued their obsession with improving the defense. Phillip Dillard only started one full season at Nebraska, but he was superb in '09. He's a little small (6-foot, 245), but he has incredible lower-body strength and apparently plays a lot faster and smoother than his body type would suggest.

He didn't make a ton of impact plays for the Cornhuskers, but he's the type of sideline-to-sideline player that Jerry Reese covets. If the Giants can get more penetration up front, players such as Dillard will find a much clearer path to the ball. He's not the type of player who creates his own path, though. I see him playing on the weak side early in his career. Let's remember that he had Ndamukong Suh in front of him last season. That certainly helps.