Skins' Kelly defends Williams' honor

As most of you know, the knock on Oklahoma left tackle Trent Williams was that he had a somewhat questionable work ethic. But he also has enormous potential as an NFL left tackle and that's why the Redskins made him the No. 4 overall selection. Williams' former teammate in high school, college and now the pros, Malcolm Kelly, refuted some of the claims about work ethic.

"It does bother me," Kelly told the Post on Sunday. "See, the thing about the draft, too, man, is somebody's always going to find some reason as to why they shouldn't pick you where everybody thinks you should get picked. There's always going to be some kind of knock.

"I've never heard of anybody going up to the draft, especially a high draft pick, where they're not saying something's wrong with him. It does kind of bother me, but I know Trent. He's not going to say too much about it. But then when people see him out there pancaking people, then they'll realize."

By the way, I'll be talking to Williams via phone either Friday or Saturday. Feel free to leave some questions for him in the "comments" section. I reached out to an AFC scout this morning and asked him to compare Williams to Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung, who went sixth overall to the Seahawks.

"Williams has all the tools," said the longtime scout. "He was just a little bit of an underachiever in college. Okung was the opposite. Everything came easy for Williams because he's such an athlete. I would say that Okung's a little more reliable."

I'll have more from the scouting community throughout the week.