The chat link you guys requested

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In anticipation of this week's NFL combine, we held a marathon chat session earlier today. Here's just a sample of what took place during this unprecedented session:

Chris from Massachusetts: Matt - Do you expect Crabtree to run at his pro day?

SportsNation Matt Mosley: (12:02 PM ET) Chris, I think Crabtree will feel compelled to run at his Pro Day. If not, he'll hold a special workout -- perhaps at the Michael Johnson facility in Dallas. Welcome to the marathon chat by the way.

Steiny (NYC): Matt, I have heard some people say that Michael Oher would be a great pick for the Washington Redskins. Can you see the Redskins going after Oher?

SportsNation Matt Mosley: (12:03 PM ET) I think they could find a more accomplished offensive tackle than Oher at No. 13. I think you might see them try to identify a pass-rusher like Brian Orakpo out of UT.

Devin from Boston: Todd Mcshay thinks that the former walk-on LB Clay Matthews from USC is a Patriots type player--versatile with a great work ethic. Is this guy really worthy of a 1st rounder or did he benefit greatly from the tremendous skill surrounding him at USC?

SportsNation Matt Mosley: (12:05 PM ET) Devin, you may have a point about the talent surrounding him. I've heard Matthews name come up in association with the Browns more than the Patriots. I think he'll be a solid NFL player. I don't see him as an elite guy at all, though.

Corey (Philadelphia, PA): With the Eagles picking at 21 and 28 this year, do you see Knowshon Moreno or LeSean McCoy still being there at those two picks, and how do you see the Eagles using there 2 picks?

SportsNation Matt Mosley: (12:06 PM ET ) Corey, I think the Eagles will be trying to identify the best OT at that position. If they aren't in love with one, look for them to trade down and grab some extra picks. Unless you decide that Moreno's definitely the long-term answer at running back, I wouldn't take him there. You can find solid running backs later in the draft. Michael Oher out of Ole Miss a guy to look at with one of those picks.