The Daily Eagle: Jeffrey Lurie loves some YPA

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I know that many of you are planning your daily schedules around my training camp tour. That's why I wanted to inform you that I'll be in Eagles camp Monday and Tuesday and then in Giants camp Wednesday and Thursday. If you're in the area, please drop by and say hello. Now, for today's headlines:

"I try to always be positive about every single player on the roster," Lurie said. "So I'm not even going to address that. I will say that I'm very hopeful that Lito will have a terrific season, show us, and the league, that he's back to the old Lito, feels healthy, has got great playmaking ability and certainly a lower YPA."

Those three little letters represent the yards Sheppard has allowed per attempt thrown in his direction. As you might expect, he wasn't pleased with the owner's criticism.

"If that's the best thing they can come up with to talk bad about me, then that explains a lot about me," said Sheppard, who returned to practice after missing the previous two days with a groin injury. "Obviously, I already know how they feel about me. That was displayed way back when they brought Asante [Samuel] in and named him the left [cornerback] starter. I know exactly how they feel, so that is what it is."

  • Les Bowen of the Daily News does a splendid job of updating us on the Brian Westbrook contract negotiations. Looks like this deal is about to happen. Some of the salary cap stuff will give you tired head, but just hang in there.

  • Bob Cooney of Philadelphia Daily News fame catches up with Kevin Kolb. I'm looking forward to watching him play against Pittsburgh tonight. I'm not looking forward to telling my wife that I need to watch Eagles-Steelers on our 10th anniversary!

  • Two of the Eagles' best players will not be on the field for Friday's game. What Shawn Andrews is going through is a lot more prevalent in the NFL -- and society in general -- than many of us realize. This is why, as journalists, you have to be very careful about criticizing someone when you don't have all the facts. I've spent a little time with Andrews. Seems like a great guy. Here's hoping that he gets the help he needs. I would imagine that it's a huge step for a well-known player to admit that he has issues with depression. I hope Eagles fans will give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.