The Jackson-McNabb flap

You had to know it was coming. During the time Donovan McNabb was being shopped by the Eagles, his former teammates didn't exactly rush to his defense. I can recall Leonard Weaver campaigning for McNabb, but that's about it. Now, wide receiver DeSean Jackson has said something to The Sporting News that could be interpreted as being critical of McNabb.

Jackson said he was "very happy with the decision." Then he added: "I don’t think we lost anything, even with McNabb being gone."

Here's McNabb's response:

"It’s so wild when people get to talking when you’re not there, but when you’re there everybody loves you,” McNabb told reporters in Washington during a minicamp. “So I guess people will go deeper into it than I will. I’m a Redskin, no longer an Eagle. I had 11 great years and I’m moving on with my life, so whoever may say things when I’m gone, more power to them, but it’s not making you look like a bigger man.”

Some of you might recall McNabb being critical of the young players on offense down the stretch last season. Jackson didn't appreciate those words one bit and I think some of this stems from that episode.