Giants' GM Reese talks at combine

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese met with the media in Indianapolis on Saturday. Newark Star-Ledger beat writer Mike Garafolo was kind enough to provide quotes from the session. He was asked about Browns coach Eric Mangini admitting interest Friday in unrestricted free-agent running back Derrick Ward. Some NFL executives would consider that poor form on Mangini's part, but Reese laughed it off.

"No, I think that's much to do about nothing," said Reese, who encountered some pushback two years ago when he mentioned the Giants might be interested in Willis McGahee. "I've done that myself. My first year up here, a couple of years ago, somebody said something about McGahee or something like that. So I don't think it constitutes tampering."

Reese mentioned that the club's still in discussions with quarterback Eli Manning regarding an extension, but he didn't provide any specifics on a timetable. He also said that he wasn't feeling any pressure to rush into an extension with running back Brandon Jacobs, who recently received the franchise tag.

Reese said the Plaxico Burress situation "doesn"t slow down our process. We are going to move forward as if he will be there, if he's not, we'll play it both ways. It really doesn't affect our preparation moving forward. We're going to play it both ways."

The Giants will have a much better feel for Burress' situation following his trial, which is set to begin March 31. The Giants have attempted to get a read on the likely outcome of the legal proceedings, but they've heard a lot of different opinions. If Burress doesn't face jail time, I think there's a good chance NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hands down some additional punishment.

In other news, Reese indicated that Mathias Kiwanuka will remain at defensive end next season.

"I think he's going to stay at defensive end," Reese said of Kiwanuka. "That's his natural position. We don't want to keep moving him, standing him up, putting him down. I think we are going to go with our three-man rotation and we should be pretty good upfront with those three defensive ends."