Reid: McNabb knows where he stands

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The highly anticipated meeting between Eagles management and quarterback Donovan McNabb still hasn't happened. On Friday, head coach Andy Reid did his best to downplay the situation. It's believed that both sides will sit down soon and try to bang out a contract extension for McNabb.

"He knows where he stands," Reid said Friday. "He and I, we communicate ... I talk to this guy every day [during the season], and in the offseason, quite a bit. I spend more time with him than I spend with my wife."

It appears that Philadelphia Daily News beat writer Les Bowen decided not to ask any follow-up questions regarding Reid's marriage, which seems like a sensible approach. I don't think we'll ever hear some type of public apology from Reid for benching McNabb -- especially since it worked. What McNabb's seeking, though, is an apology that includes a dollar sign. He'd like the type of longterm financial security that might make a coach think twice about benching him during a poor stretch. (and yes, I know he already has financial security in the literal sense).

In other news, Reid told local reporters that he expected to have some clarity on left tackle Tra Thomas and safety Brian Dawkins' futures before the free agency period begins this week. Bowen interpreted this to mean that both Dawkins and Thomas will be back with the Eagles for at least another season. The status of right tackle Jon Runyan is more of an unknown because of microfracture surgery.

Reid also delivered the great news that defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is back at work after receiving radiation treatments to help shrink the melanoma tumor on his spine. Reid said Johnson's planning on being available for the club's offseason minicamps.

One last note: Reid is resisting the popular idea (shocker) that the Eagles need a power running back to help in short-yardage situations:

"I've done a few studies on this -- size doesn't matter in short-yardage backs," Reid said. "Everybody wants to say that, coaches and players, but you get out and do the grunt work on it, you'll find that it doesn't matter. Those guys up front kind of matter."

OK, my wife just asked me to do some grunt work in the back yard. We'll continue our live NFL combine coverage from Dallas on Sunday. Thanks to everyone who's been a part of this.