Cerrato 'totally disappointed' by Taylor's exit

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
Lost in the euphoria of the Haynesworth-Hall signings was the fact that the Redskins parted ways with defensive end Jason Taylor on Monday. Something told me that personnel chief Vinny Cerrato would bare his fangs over Taylor's decision -- and he didn't disappoint. Taylor had assured the Redskins that he would play at least two years for the club. But owner Dan Snyder and Cerrato recently took a trip to South Beach to inform Taylor they wanted him to attend 75 percent of the offseason workouts in Ashburn, Va. That wasn't what Taylor signed up for, so he left $8.5 million sitting on the table and decided to stay home.

"Dan and I flew down [to Miami], had dinner with him a couple of weeks ago, told him we wanted him to work out up here 75 percent of the time. And it's not a lot.

"It's 39 workouts to make 75 percent, and 14 of 'em are mandatory with the OTAs [organized team activities] and the minicamps. So it was 25 workouts in 13 weeks. He could come on Tuesday, worked out Wednesday, work out early Thursday and fly home. He'd just have to be here Tuesday and Wednesday, really."

Taylor, who had a public disagreement with Bill Parcells last offseason, has decided to leave this dispute alone. His agent basically indicated Tuesday that Taylor was taking the high road. But Cerrato wasn't finished.

"We felt like to get the best out of him, because he didn't work out all last year, because he was doing ['Dancing With the Stars'], they needed him to be at the complex," Cerrato said. "And that's what Bill had the problem with, because he wasn't in [Miami's] offseason program. We just wanted to get him in shape to make sure that he was in shape."