Keyshawn checks in with the Beast

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
I just spent about 10 minutes on the phone with former Cowboys wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. He's the guy who was released in 2006 to make room for Terrell Owens, so he has a unique perspective on the situation.

Johnson and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had an outstanding relationship. In fact, they even went into business together on a couple of outside ventures. Johnson said he was never bitter about being cut in favor of T.O., but he's been a harsh critic of wide receiver in years since.

"Jerry wanted some more juice when he brought in T.O.," Johnson said. "But. in three years, what did they accomplish?"

Johnson believes that T.O. became so comfortable with his relationship with Jones that he never saw Wednesday's release coming.

"Teams are always looking for the next guy," Johnson said. "Anyone can get lopped off. But T.O.'s so caught up in the moment, that he still can't see any end in sight."

Johnson's not sure what the market will be for T.O. He walked away from the game once teams wouldn't meet his "number." He thinks T.O. is a lot more likely to play for the veterans' minimum because he "loves the attention and the roar of the crowd more than I do."