Redskins' Bugel talks about Dockery

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Longtime Redskins offensive line coach Joe Bugel said there was no doubt the Redskins would go after guard Derrick Dockery when he was released by the Bills before free agency. Bugel sat down recently with the people at Redskins.com and discussed Dockery's work ethic:

"He was going uphill the whole time," Bugel said. "In 2006 when he was a free agent, he earned himself a lot of money. He went up there to Buffalo -- I give the kid credit. He is in a great workout program out in Phoenix. He works with cinderblocks, running with that strap harness on.

"You know those strong-man contests? You know those big trailer truck tires? He is rolling those over. I asked, 'How did you work on those abs without doing those crunches.' He said he used a sledgehammer. Beat the tire. He tightened everything up. He tightened his whole core up. So when I watch him on tape, he walks with an arrogance. He knows he belongs in the National Football League."