Exclusive chat transcript

In case you had the terrible misfortune of missing Tuesday's live chat experience, here's the unedited transcript. We covered all the main topics, including Tom Coughlin's job security and Albert Haynesworth's future in Washington. Please read the following excerpts at your leisure:

Rusty from Hesston: Of the Beast teams, which one has the best stadium environment?

Mosley: The Cowboys have one of the most impressive stadiums in the world. It's over-the-top, which you'd expect from Jerry Jones. I haven't been inside the new Meadowlands Stadium, so I can't speak to that environment. I'd definitely put the Linc in front of FedEx. Getting to a Skins game is a miserable experience unless you have access to a helicopter.

Jeff from Goodhue County: Matt, how has David Buehler looked as the Cowboys new kicker? Does he look like he can solidify the position and get the job done?

Mosley: Jeff, we'll find out in the preseason. Those games will tell the story. Let's see him nail some 45-yard field goals in live action. Then we'll know something. If he's shaky, the Cowboys will have to look for recourse.

Schmohawk from D.C.,: Why do I feel deflated about the loss of Mike Williams, even though he probably would not have started at RG anyway?

Mosley: You probably feel deflated because he has such a debilitating injury. I didn't think he was the answer at right guard either, but I really admired the transformation he went through to fight his way back into the league. I'm not really worried about his future in football. I'd just like for doctors to get a handle on those blood clots. Scary deal.

Brian from Fayetteville: Is Brandon Jacobs poor play exposing him as a gimmick at the RB spot? Will this make more coaches shy away from ever attempting to put a true linebacker at the RB spot?

Mosley: I've never thought of Jacobs as some sort of gimmick. He and Marion Barber were two of the best backs in the league in '07. It's not like they were tricking people. They lowered their heads and punished defenders. But that punishment takes its toll at some point. I think they've both had to learn when to give up on plays. But no, I don't think it's fair to refer to Jacobs as a gimmick. Opposing DC's don't think that.