Questions for Keith Brooking?

I just spoke with Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking and he's agreed to join us on Dallas-Fort Worth's ESPN 103.3 this afternoon at 6 p.m. ET. You can listen to the interview live on ESPNDallas.com.

Brooking's a daily reader of the Beast and I informed him that you guys might have a few questions. As always, I'll select a couple questions from the comments section and ask them on your behalf. I'm anxious to get Brooking's take on Jerry Jones' barnstorming training camp tour. He's never experienced a three-city training camp before, so we'll get his take on that situation.

I'm also anxious to find out what Brooking thinks about the rest of the NFC East. And we'll certainly bring up his ongoing feud with Eagles tight end Brent Celek. So what would you guys like to ask Brooking?