Keith Bulluck in the middle

Keith Bulluck was primarily an outside linebacker with the Titans, but he doesn't think a transition to the middle for the Giants will be a problem. In a conference call Tuesday, Bulluck talked about what will be required of him at the new position.

"I take on guards, I take on centers," said Bulluck. "A lot of times when I was in Tennessee, I would get blocked by a guard and a center. My work was always cut out for me; I don't think it'll be any different here. I haven't really even thought twice about it. It wasn't a matter of me getting the confidence to play the middle. Confidence has never been an issue with me when it comes to this game."

Bulluck was dubbed "Mr. Monday Night" when he was with the Titans because he had a knack for making big plays in those games. Now, he'll enjoy more national exposure playing for the Giants. I thought Danny Clark was a good veteran presence for the Giants, but Bulluck is a lot more vocal. He'll be a really good for a defense that lost an emotional player in Antonio Pierce.