Jerry blows off some steam over Dez

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant will miss the rest of training camp with a right, high-ankle sprain, and owner Jerry Jones thinks this injury could have been avoided. After reviewing the play on which the injury occurred, Jones blew off a little steam while talking to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. The play in question -- a crossing route on which Bryant got tangled up with cornerback Orlando Scandrick -- just happened to be the second-to-last of the afternoon session.

"It was really disappointing and it really causes you to ... ask what can you do, what can you do in practices that can mitigate some of the exposure to some of these injuries," Jones told Mortensen, who was in town as part of his bus tour. "The key thing is you ask yourself, 'Are we pushing him too hard; does it happen at the end of practice when the players are tired?' " said Jones, who added, "We all know now when you get a little tired, you can get injured."

Oops, it looks like Wade Phillips will get called to the principal's office over this injury. Or do you think offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will take most of the heat? Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com reported that the normally affable wide receivers coach, Ray Sherman, quickly left the field without talking to reporters.

But no matter who's to blame, it's certainly a large blow to the Cowboys. Bryant had been the story of camp for a couple reasons, but most importantly, because he was making spectacular catches on a daily basis. It looked like Bryant would challenge Roy Williams for the No. 2 receiver role immediately, but now it's unlikely he'll play a pivotal role in the offense early in the season.

Everyone I talk to from the other three teams in the division has been asking me about Bryant's progress. There was a thought that he'd make a major impact this season. Now he'll have to devote his energy to rehab work.

I'm pretty sure Jones will calm down and not hold this injury against his coaching staff forever. Bryant's a rookie trying to learn everything about the offense. I don't think you should feel the need to rest him like some of the veterans on the team. It's professional football and injuries are going to happen.

The Cowboys would rather this happen now than in the first game of the season. Of course, they'd rather it not happen at all.

Does this injury change the way you think about Dallas heading into the season or does optimism still abound among Cowboys fans?