Giants GM: Offseason Super Bowls are for 'losers'

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

DANA POINT, Calif. -- New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese was leading the pack out of a football operations meeting Monday when I flagged him down and guided him to Beast headquarters, located across from the hotel gift shop. As always, Reese was exceedingly gracious with his time -- especially since his wife and kids were waiting around the corner.

Let's roll out the first part of our interview this evening and then we'll come with more Tuesday morning:

How do you feel about your offseason moves so far? (always lead with the softball)

Jerry Reese: I'm pleased so far, but we still have some to go. We wanted to bolster our defensive front because it's well-documented that our defensive front had gotten worn down late in the season. Fred Robbins and Barry Cofield weren't themselves and Justin Tuck got banged up. We couldn't knock the quarterback down, and that's a huge thing for us. In my opinion, that's why we won the Super Bowl. In the playoff game, we couldn't get [Donovan McNabb] on the ground and he made some spectacular plays. Now our people up front look formidable. But the offseason Super Bowl stuff is for losers.

What was it about Chris Canty that made you think he could move inside?

JR: We just felt like he was a versatile guy. Tuck plays outside and then moves inside. We thought he could do a nice job with the 3-technique. We like for all our guys to be versatile, so guys end up lining up all over the place. Guys like [Mathias] Kiwanuka and Tuck.

Are you worried about having too many guys on the defensive line now?

JR: We play 16 games, and if we're fortunate, we'll end up playing 20 games. You need all the big people you can find. We need that type of quality for the tournament, and we needed more firepower. We ran out of gas last year.

Albert Haynesworth recently said on a Dallas radio station that you guys offered him $80 million. Is that accurate? And how much did you actually covet the player?

JR: No, that's not accurate. I don't want to say the exact number, but we made a good offer. We wanted to get in the game. We didn't want to take the chance of him getting up at his [Redskins] news conference and talking about how he'd really wanted to be a Giant but we didn't have an interest.

Since the end of the season, has anything changed in terms of how you've approached the Plaxico Burress situation?

JR: My No. 1 hope is that he will make changes as a person and that it will help him with his family. Hopefully, legally, things will break his way. We do try to have a game plan both ways. But again it's more about him as a person. We have a concept of what he must do to turn things around.

Will you attend his hearing next week?

JR: I haven't really thought about it at this point.

OK, there's more where this came from. I'll post the rest of the interview tomorrow morning if that's cool with you guys.