T.O.'s release wasn't Jerry's idea?

Once the Cincinnati Bengals jumped at the chance to become Terrell Owens' fifth wife, tonight's Hall of Fame Game became a tiny bit more interesting. It's not like T.O. will be on the field for long, but it's provided him the stage to remind us that the story of how he wrecked the Cowboys' locker room in '08 was a figment of our imagination.

On Sunday morning, T.O. came up with an interesting theory that basically suggests that Jerry Jones was forced to release him following the '08 season against the owner's will. It's a ludicrous theory, but take a look at ESPNDallas.com's Tim MacMahon's story anyway.

"A lot of people know what happened," said Owens on Sunday. "It was a tough decision for Jerry. I think if Jerry had the ultimate decision, then I would be there. By no means do I feel that I left that team because of talent. Obviously, there have to be some other factors.

"You have to take the bitter with the sweet, and you move on. Do I think I should probably be there? Yeah. But that's not the case."

If you've spent any time around Jones, you know it's silly to suggest that any decision of this import was made without his blessing. But T.O.'s actually correct in his assessment that Jones tried to convince himself to stay the course with the wide receiver. By releasing T.O., the Cowboys owner was admitting that he'd made a huge mistake in signing the player to a lucrative contract extension. And no one hates admitting mistakes more than Jerry.

As I've written on numerous occasions, Stephen Jones is the one who ultimately convinced his father that Tony Romo could not flourish as long as he shared a locker room with T.O. And I think that was probably an astute observation. Does anyone out there think Miles Austin would've had a breakout season in '09 with T.O. still on the roster?

As Romo noted Sunday, the Cowboys had some good moments with T.O., but it's not like they won anything meaningful with him on the roster. I think T.O.'s release along with the dumping of Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones served as the impetus for better chemistry in '09. You might not get Jerry to admit that on the record, but he has to know it's true.

It's funny that all three of those players have ended up on the Bengals' roster. And if Cincinnati ends up in the Super Bowl, maybe we'll have to rethink this whole chemistry theory. But for now, I'm sticking with my opinion that the release of T.O. was the best thing that could've happened to the Cowboys.

Anyone excited about some preseason football this evening?