Keith Bulluck has a message for Jets

In what may be the biggest buildup to a preseason game in years, the Giants and Jets are preparing to play each other in their brand new stadium. I've lost of track of who's doing all the trash talking, but I seem to recall Terrell Thomas and Bart Scott being involved.

Keith Bulluck just arrived on the scene with the Giants, but he's front and center in this New York Times column by William Rhoden:

"If you’re from New York, you know who New York’s football team is: the New York Giants,” said Bulluck, who grew up in the area. “I’m a Mets fan, but I know who New York’s baseball team is: the New York Yankees. The Jets haven’t won nothing since Broadway Joe."

But Bulluck's not finished. He has a vision for how things might be decided between the two teams:

"I grew up in New York,” Bulluck said. “Much respect to Coach Rex [Ryan]; I think he’s a great coach. I’d love to have played in his defense when he was at Baltimore, and I love what he’s doing for the state of New York and the New York Jets -- that’s me, just being a guy from New York.

"But at the end of the day, we know what’s up. Ain’t no preseason game ever going to prove it; we need to find a way to have a subway Super Bowl. That would be perfect. And we know who wins that."

There's nothing I like more than some good preseason trash talk. OK, carry on with your day.