Scary play for Eli Manning

Giants fans held their breath Monday evening as blood gushed from quarterback Eli Manning's head following a botched play in the second quarter of a preseason game against the Jets. The Giants said that Manning is receiving stitches for a 3-inch gash.

ManningManningThe Giants are fortunate the injury wasn't worse. It appeared that Brandon Jacobs thought he was taking a handoff from Manning, but the quarterback had something else in mind. The two collided and the ball came loose before Manning was hit from behind by Calvin Pace. His helmetless head then made contact with safety Jim Leonhard who mercifully held up on the play.

The preseason game had a regular-season feel with both coaches leaving their starters on the field into the second quarter. As Manning held a towel to his head to stop the bleeding, he was led to the locker room by athletic trainers. Something tells me he won't return in the second half. Just call it a hunch.