Dolphins won't rest against the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys third-team quarterback Stephen McGee is about to get the biggest test of his NFL career. Not only will he start Thursday's game against the Miami Dolphins, but he'll play against Tony Sparano's frontline players.

As Jeff Darlington writes in the Miami Herald, Sparano was upset with his team's performance against the Falcons over the weekend and believes the starters need more work.

"We stunk the other night,'' Sparano said. "I mean, can I be any clearer with that? We were not good the other night against Atlanta. I didn't like any of it."

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips briefly considered playing his starters after a lackluster performance in Houston, but he announced Tuesday that would not be the case. It doesn't sound like Sparano's worried about his old team's plans. He's focused on the fact that his team needs to find some rhythm before the regular-season.

"I have no real governor right now on how long guys will be playing,'' Sparano said Monday. "I just know they better be ready to play."

In other news, there's a report that Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland will seek out Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant either before or after Thursday's game.