The Albert smear campaign continues

It's not that I feel sorry for Albert Haynesworth or anything, but the well-orchestrated campaign against him from within the Washington Redskins organization is starting to get old. On Saturday night, the Washington Post once again delivered a scathing report about Haynesworth based on anonymous sources who claimed the defensive tackle was "awful" in Thursday's preseason finale.

I guess it's really shocking news that Haynesworth would not put forth maximum effort in a fourth preseason game when 31 of his teammates were not in uniform. There are major leaks coming from this coaching staff and I don't get the sense that coach Mike Shanahan's trying to identify the source. But all of this seems like overkill to me. It's not like the coaches need to build a case against Haynesworth. He spent the entire offseason indicting himself.

Now the Post is reporting that it's unlikely Haynesworth will start against the Dallas Cowboys next Sunday. I guess this is supposed to be compelling theater, but it's starting to seem redundant to me. The Seattle Seahawks dumped an expensive player in T.J. Houshmandzadeh on Saturday and the Redskins should've done the same thing with Haynesworth.

As I've predicted for months, they'll likely end up deactivating him on a permanent basis at some point this season. If you're going to sit around and act shocked by a man's poor performance in a preseason finale, then go ahead and release him.

At first, some of us praised Shanahan for showing Haynesworth who's boss. But as the regular season looms, Shanahan and the organization's anonymous sources are looking pettier by the day. Maybe we should hold some of them accountable for their role in this mess.

Now let's brace ourselves for the next Haynesworth report. I shudder to think what we'll read if he has a poor practice Monday.