McNabb: We can't win without Albert

Appearing Tuesday on his weekly ESPN 980 radio show, Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb made an interesting statement about embattled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. It leads you to believe that McNabb and coach Mike Shanahan might be reading from a different script.

"Albert is one of our brothers in the locker room ... he understands, 'Hey, I got to put the time and effort in," said McNabb. "We can't win without him. I think he'll be here. I hope he'll be here."

Saying the Redskins "can't win" without Haynesworth is a pretty revealing statement from a man who chooses his words carefully during interviews. At a time when anonymous sources from the organization are destroying Haynesworth for his work in the preseason finale, it's interesting that the new quarterback would have his teammate's back in such a public way.

But in case you're (understandably) sick of the Haynesworth storyline, McNabb also made some comments regarding his injured right ankle.

"Yes, I will be starting this weekend," McNabb told ESPN 980. "And I look forward to it."

I'll hopefully have a chance to visit with McNabb via conference call Wednesday and I'll try to get a better feel for how he's functioning in Shanahan's offense heading into the season opener.