Live from Central Park

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
NEW YORK -- The Beast just took part in the NFL Play 60 youth football clinic in Central Park. On a brilliant day (72 degrees where I'm standing), nine prospective draftees showed up to lead kids in a variety of drills, some of which appeared to be helpful.

Later, the players fanned out across the makeshift football field and spoke with reporters about their big day Saturday.

Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford obviously drew the biggest crowd -- and he seemed to enjoy every minute of it. He said he hasn't talked to his agent Tom Condon since last night and that he "has no idea" whether something will get done before the draft. But mostly, he cracked jokes and talked about how remarkable it is that three of the players (who may go in the top five) all grew up in a 10-mile radius in Dallas.

"I guess that shows that Texas football is king," said Stafford before thanking the Beast for the set-up question. "It's pretty amazing that we were all right there together."

Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith, Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree and Stafford all grew up in the Dallas area.

Smith has asked the Beast to join his entourage for dinner this evening. We'll keep you posted on that situation. I'm sort of craving sushi and Smith wants steak.

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