Live from New York, it's the NFC Beast Blog!

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NEW YORK -- Welcome to Radio City Music Hall, where a Packers fan just asked former Ravens head coach Brian Billick to sign his throwback Bart Starr jersey. Makes total sense to me. In addition to my normal "expert" analysis on all things NFC East, I'll be your personal tour guide here in New York.

Moments ago, commissioner Roger Goodell and an eight-person entourage swept past me. In private moments, Goodell has admitted to reading my blog on a daily basis, but we've never actually made eye contact. I'm noticing that some reporters have been blessed with "T" stickers, which give them access to where team representatives are turning in picks. For the first time, I've been denied access to that area --- but we'll figure out a way to get down there at some point.

ESPN analyst and noted clothes horse Keyshawn Johnson stopped by my seat a few moments ago to share a few tidbits. He's been saying the Chiefs will take LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson for weeks -- and now everyone's jumping on that bandwagon. Johnson is sporting a Carolina blue sweater vest (in support of Hakeem Nicks?) and tie underneath a three-button suit with no pleats. And he suggested that thin men should no longer wear cuffed pants, which doesn't really apply to me.

OK, I'm going to try to peek in the green room. I received a text from Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith earlier saying he was headed that way. His entourage (Baylor coach Art Briles and Co.) headed out to Johnny's Pizza last night. Much, much more to come. And for my NFC Beast audience, I'll be hopping on that blog throughout the afternoon.