Bill Simmons has Skins in playoffs

Prolific author/podcaster Bill Simmons of Page 2 fame has delivered his 2010 NFL preview, which also includes a gambling blueprint for the season. Cowboys fans will be interested to read that Simmons compares their team to the Kardashian family in his Week 1 picks. (It's not a flattering comparison, either).

And his "sleeper" pick in the NFL is the Washington Redskins. He has them slipping into the playoffs with a 10-6 record. Here's his explanation for this bold prediction:

"Four wins last season. Slipping under the radar in 2010 because of their division (tough on paper), this summer's insufferable Mike Shanahan/Albert Haynesworth feud (overshadowed all other Redskins news), high turnover (they cut 10 veterans and signed 27 new free agents) and last year's embarrassing 0-6 record in the NFC East," writes Simmons. "But as Football Outsiders points out, the '09 Redskins were significantly unlucky in two departments: injuries and close games (2-7 in games decided by a touchdown or less). Throw in the Shanahan/Jim Zorn and Donovan McNabb/Jason Campbell upgrades and that's my choice."

Does that "close games" theory do anything for you guys? Is Simmons onto something with this Redskins team or is he simply poking the Cowboys with a sharp stick?