Andy Reid's confusing approach with Kolb

The Philadelphia Eagles spent training camp telling us how much they love Kevin Kolb, but their actions Sunday suggested they'd been leading us on the whole time. Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez, a longtime reader of the Beast blog, takes Reid to task over his treatment of Kolb.

The Eagles still need to determine what they have in Kolb, but now they must do it while trying to extinguish a media and fan inferno that Reid sparked with the first-half quarterback quasi-time-share. Reid said that there's no controversy, that Kolb is the starter, but why should anyone believe him when the guy listed atop the depth chart touched the ball only slightly more than the guy who's supposedly No. 2?

I realize that Kolb played poorly in the first half, but it's crazy to suggest that 10 passing attempts is enough to pass judgment on a quarterback. Michael Vick didn't help matters by suggesting after the game that he may have led the team to victory if given all four quarters. Whether it's true or not, it created the appearance that Vick was kicking a guy while he was down.

Reid defended Kolb with his words Sunday, but his actions told a different story.