Cowboys-Bears: Knee-jerk halftime analysis

Here are some quick-hitting observations from the first half in case you haven't been following our live chat. And really, why haven't you been following our live chat?

  • Mike Martz is winning the battle of the offensive coordinators in the first half. The Cowboys were destroying the Bears' offensive line on the first two series, so Martz started calling quick slants and swing passes to folks such as Devin Hester and Greg Olsen. The results were devastating. And Jay Cutler showed off his cannon when he found Johnny Knox on a deep ball.

  • Early in the game, the Cowboys have Marion Barber busting loose in the running game. Then for no apparent reason they interrupt his rhythm on what appeared to be a promising drive. Felix Jones tried to bounce a couple runs outside and the Bears were simply too fast. Jason Garrett's approach can be baffling at times.

  • Martz is using DeMarcus Ware's speed against the Cowboys. He's letting him come free and then dropping the ball off to his side of the field on little swing passes to Matt Forte or Hester.

  • Cowboys safety Alan Ball has not been impressive. On the long touchdown to Olsen, Ball was out of position. He's not reacting quickly enough in the middle of the field. The Cowboys had Cutler on his heels early in the game but they allowed him to get some confidence. With left tackle Chris Williams out of the game, the Cowboys should be having a field day in the pass rush. Kudos once again to Martz for neutralizing the Bears' speed.

  • I'll see you after the game for a Rapid Reaction. Halftime score: Bears 20, Cowboys 14.