Closing thoughts on Giants-Titans

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As I await takeoff on my final leg to Dallas, here are a few final thoughts from the Giants' 29-10 loss to the Titans.

  • Is it really accurate to tell everyone you "should've won" when your team has six personal fouls and two turnovers inside an opponent's 5-yard line?

  • Will the prestigious Manning Passing Camp now include courses for youngsters wanting to throw with both arms? Eli Manning had a career-high 34 completions Sunday, but that left-handed attempt in the first quarter is what everyone will remember. It was unnecessary and I was stunned to see him attempt the throw. It looked like something Brett Favre or Tony Romo would try at some point, but not Manning.

  • Very awkward to hear fans booing Tom Coughlin through a glass partition at his postgame news conference. That's as frustrated as I've seen him in quite some time. If the Giants fall to 1-3 next Sunday night against the Bears, Coughlin's job security will become a major topic.

  • The only silver lining was the way the Giants' defense played for most of the game. Chris Johnson surpassed 100 yards only because of a long run after the game had been decided in the fourth quarter.