Friday Beastlines

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Here are the stories we're tracking for you on Friday, May 15. Other blogs have gone dark for the offseason. We're refusing to do that. In fact, the Beast has officially renounced the word "vacation," which can lead to major problems such as a feeling of renewal and a sense of perspective. In this division, those are viewed as stumbling blocks. Thanks for your continued support during this exciting time in the NFL offseason:


  • Michael Irvin used the premiere of his reality TV show, "Fourth and Long," to help raise $140,000 for the family of Rich Behm, who was paralyzed from waist down during the collapse of the Cowboys' indoor facility two weeks ago. The show will premiere nationally on Spike TV on Monday. Here's what Jerry Jones said about the evening: "I think it's great. Michael extended his heart. There is a lot of excitement and energy behind the preview. To incorporate help for Richie is outstanding. The only thing bigger than Michael Irvin's personality is his heart."


  • I'm ashamed I haven't provided more links to Iggles Blog. Here's an entry on what to expect from Jackson in his second season.