Offseason power rankings coming soon

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
According to sources close to The Beast, the ESPN.com offseason power rankings will be released later this month. I will be hosting a release party in our Dallas branch in case anyone's interested.

As of this moment, I have the Giants and Eagles firmly in the top 10. The Cowboys and Redskins are on the outside looking in, but that could change by the time of my voting deadline (May 21). In the meantime, I'm anxious to hear what you guys are thinking. Is it a given that both the Giants and Eagles should be in the top five? That's the way I'm leaning.

Longtime Beast supporter and latte enthusiast Peter King had the Cowboys ninth and the Redskins No. 23 in his offseason rankings. In other news, I'm about to break away and check the mailbag. If you have a question, now's the time to weigh in. Thanks to the overwhelming response to last Saturday's mailbag, we'll try it again this weekend.