Cowboys OTA quick hits -- and I mean quick

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

CARROLLTON, Texas -- Had good visits with Wade Phillips, Jason Witten and Terence Newman during Tuesday's organized team activities (OTAs) session. But I'm saving that for a rainy day. Here's what I saw on the field Tuesday:

  • Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett appears to be taking a different approach this offseason. In the past, he's stood behind the offense during team drills and quietly offered feedback to players. On Tuesday, he was much more demonstrative. When tight end Jason Witten had a false start, Garrett loudly said, "get me another tight end!" When the same thing happened with Leonard Davis three plays later, he said, "Get me a new right guard!" Davis walked toward Garrett and appeared to say something, but the coach ignored him. I don't want to read too much into one OTA session, but something definitely seems different about the Ivy Leaguer.

  • Tony Romo and Roy Williams are not ready for prime time. In seven-on-seven drills, they failed to connect twice. Then they had another ball fall harmlessly to the ground in team drills. They're not on the same page at all. I just wanted to throw that out there because I keep seeing all these stories about the wonderful "offseason chemistry" that's forming between the players. I haven't seen any evidence of that.

  • Jon Kitna fumbled the snap from center at least three times. And he seemed to take the blame each time. I know it's only an OTA session, but that's not good. Wade Phillips was so disgusted at one point that he almost walked off the practice field.

  • Maybe I jinxed Sam Hurd after that last OTA session open to the media. He looked all-world to me last Tuesday. Today, he was working with trainers on the side. Nothing serious, but he's a player with injuries in his past. I also had a conversation with Miles Austin. He's laughing at all this No. 2 receiver talk. The guy's so confident that he's aiming for No. 1 -- and I see no problem at all with that.

  • Rookie safety Michael Hamlin is making a little move right now. His coach, Brett Maxie, singled him out and called him a "sponge." He's taking everything said to him and immediately taking it to the field. And that doesn't always happen with rookies. He's the kid from Clemson the Cowboys took in the fifth round. Also the safety from Cincinnati, DeAngelo Smith, is doing some really nice things.