Orlando Scandrick clarifies his role in TDs

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick took full blame for the Tennessee Titans' first touchdown Sunday, according to ESPNDallas.com's Tim MacMahon. But don't blame him for that 12-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Britt.

"I gave up one play,” said Scandrick. “[Nate Washington] located the ball on the touchdown. That was my fault. I’ve got to find it. On the other play, everybody’s got to do their job. …

"On the other play to Kenny Britt, there’s 11 people on the field, 11 people got to do their job. We had a miscommunication on the field and it led to a touchdown."

Scandrick wouldn't reveal the culprit on the Britt touchdown, but MacMahon surmises that it was safety Alan Ball.

"Everybody’s got to do their job,” Scandrick said. “This is no time to point fingers. I’m not pointing fingers at anybody. If any finger needs to be pointed, it needs to be pointed at myself."

So there's no finger-pointing going on at all in the Cowboys locker room. Hope we're clear on that.