Eagles struggle against no-huddle offenses

The Philadelphia Eagles used crowd noise at practice Thursday despite the fact they're playing at home Sunday. You may have noticed that opposing teams, such as the Lions and 49ers, have had success against the Eagles' defense when they go into hurry-up mode late in games. Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott wanted his team to work on their communication when substitutions and adjustments are being made on the fly.

"Just as important as it is for the offense when we play in away stadiums, from a communication standpoint, it's as important for the defense when we play at home," said McDermott. "There is communication involved, in getting the calls and executing the calls, make sure we're looking for substitutions, we're looking for those signals, that we don't have any unforced errors because of a lack of communication."

It's not like the Falcons use the hurry-up a whole lot, but they're certainly capable of jumping into it at the end of the game. The Eagles are having trouble slamming the door on teams, so we'll see if a noisy practice helps.