Wade Phillips jabs Tony Dungy

I'm all about trash talk between two 1-3 teams, but now Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips is going after TV analysts. Apparently former Colts coach and Steelers defensive back Tony Dungy questioned Tony Romo's leadership skills following his three-interception performance in Sunday's 34-27 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Romo responded Thursday by inviting Dungy to Valley Ranch so he could see for himself how the quarterback leads his teammates.

But Phillips, who used to coach against Dungy during his playing days, took it a step further.

"We played against him when he was in Pittsburgh and he turned it over several times,” Phillips said. “We knocked [Terry] Bradshaw out of the game, and he came in. I believe he fumbled the first snap."

As Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com points out, Phillips is referring to a 1977 game when Dungy was pressed into emergency duty in a 27-10 Oilers win against the Steelers. Of course, I don't recall anything like that happening when the Steelers and Oilers met in the playoffs.

I have no problem with a coach having his quarterback's back, but to go after Dungy's play at quarterback 33 years later seems a bit petty. What's next? Will Dungy make fun of Phillips for giving up a touchdown while playing linebacker at the University of Houston in the 60s?