Friday Beastlines: Non-print edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley


  • Fresh back from an extended vacation, Tim MacMahon has a story on the Cowboys' answer to the Wildcat formation. It's called the Razorback -- for obvious reasons.

  • I apparently stepped all over a "TV sound bite" during my dogged pursuit of an answer from Jerry Jones on the DeMarcus Ware contract situation Thursday. Consider this my heartfelt apology to all my pals in the local TV market.


  • Here's a sobering column from Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan. The only part I disagree with Phil on is that it takes a couple of years for a rookie running back to get up to speed at that position. I think rookies can make an immediate impact at that position, in part, because it requires instinctive players. If Westbrook is slowed by this injury, I think LeSean McCoy will be ready to go. Am I being overly optimistic?