Redskins' safeties coach Jackson calls out Landry

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Every time I see Redskins safeties coach Steve Jackson quoted in a story, my respect for him grows. And my guy Paul Kuharsky of AFC South blog fame speaks very highly of him. Earlier today, we linked you to a Redskins Insider report in which coach Jim Zorn expressed disappointment over LaRon Landry's absence from organzied team activities -- and his phone manners.

I've been known to let a call or two go to voicemail through the years, but something tells me ignoring a head coach's calls is a bad idea. For the second consecutive offseason, Landry has decided to spend most of his time working out in Arizona and thumbing his nose at silly voluntary workouts.

Though Zorn might not admit it, Landry's absence has been a slap in the face to him. Pretty much everyone else is in Ashburn, Va., for OTAs, but Landry doesn't even take the time to offer his coach an explanation. Landry's position coach, Jackson, also spoke his mind on the topic to the Washington Examiner.

"I'm very disappointed because everyone else is here," Jackson told The Examiner. "I'll be candid with you: He has to be here in the offseason not so much just because it's OTAs, but his teammates are here and there are a lot of things we're discussing that he's a part of that he has no idea are even going on -- calls, coverages, techniques.

"He's our free safety and he's the one who has to get the ball rolling. As he improves, our defense usually improves, but when he's not here …"

And Jackson had one more thing to add:

"He has talent, but we need him to be a better player. You become a better player working on the field, not running on the track with a tank top on in shorts. You don't go to Arizona to become a player; maybe to get in shape but not to become a player."

Folks, that's a man who's not afraid to speak his mind. Jackson's trying to send a message to Landry. Hopefully he received the message.