Andy Reid updates DeSean Jackson's injury

Thanks for your patience during my flight home from Minneapolis. Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid said earlier Monday that it would be a "real stretch" for wide receiver DeSean Jackson to play against Titans on Sunday after suffering a concussion. And after watching the replay of that collision with Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson several times Sunday night, it's hard to imagine Jackson only missing one game. Even Reid marveled at the helmet-to-helmet collision that left both players sprawled on the ground.

"This was like a 'Rocky' movie," Reid told reporters Monday. "Very seldom do you see two guys collide and they're on the canvas there."

Reid said that Jackson had soreness in his shoulders and neck Monday. He also said that Jackson doesn't remember the hit.

"It's not like amnesia set in," Reid said. "He remembered his touchdowns and all the things that happened."

In other news, Reid said "there's a pretty good chance" Kevin Kolb will start against the Tennessee Titans. For now, Michael Vick's rib cartilage injury is providing cover for Reid to continue riding the hot hand. If Kolb had played poorly in these two games, I think you'd see a lot more sense of urgency to rush Vick back into the lineup.

As it stands now, Reid will have a very interesting decision to make after the bye week.