Jerry can't get over Pacman

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Caught up in the euphoria of opening night at the new Cowboys Stadium, owner Jerry Jones apparently told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Clarence Hill on Saturday that he hasn't closed the door on a reunion with troubled cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones. Surely Jerry was simply making a bad joke.

After all, we've spent so much time this offseason talking about how Jones has gotten rid of all the locker-room drama caused by players such as Pacman, Tank Johnson and Terrell Owens. Now it sounds like Jerry is having second thoughts.

"Would you beat me up too bad if I brought back Adam?" Jones said to the Star-Telegram.

Jerry said bringing back Pacman is still a long shot, but I'm not sure why it's even a consideration. The cornerback played in only nine games and didn't have a single interception. I've heard all this talk about how he graded out better than the other Cowboys cornerbacks, but that's more of an indictment of them than some sort of tribute to Pacman. And honestly, that sounds like typical Jerry Jones hyperbole to me.

Again, why would he choose opening night at his palace in Arlington to drop this bit of news? Because he can't help himself. He got caught up in the moment and thought it might be fun to grab another headline.

Pacman was supposed to help this team return punts. How can we forget the scenes from HBO's "Hard Knocks" of an astonished Wade Phillips watching Pacman field a punt while already holding five footballs in his arms? Unfortunately, that's not a skill that comes in handy during the regular season. Pacman was awful on punt returns, averaging 4.5 yards per return on 21 opportunities.

I called Valley Ranch this morning to see what the reaction was to Jones' statement. Doesn't sound like anyone's taking the comments too seriously. The Cowboys have second-year players Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick involved in a nice little competition for the other cornerback spot. And they're hoping to have a healthy Terence Newman ready to go this season. Pacman would only serve as a reminder of the past -- and the Cowboys can't afford to keep looking back.