Eagles-Titans are back on the clock

If you've never watched an NFL game while having no clue how much time's on the clock, you really missed out during the second quarter of the Eagles-Titans game. But the clock in Nashville has been repaired and there are 13 minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin had to leave the field briefly due to injury in the third quarter, but he only missed one play. Jason Avant just made a remarkable catch on the sideline as Kolb was scrambling toward the sideline. The Eagles raced to the line of scrimmage and ran a play before Titans coach Jeff Fisher could decide whether wanted to challenge the catch.

I thought it was a really poor decision on Fisher's part not to challenge. His guys in the press box have to be telling him immediately to challenge that play because it was pretty questionable whether Avant got both feet down. Eagles up 16-7 early in the third quarter.