Cowboys at the point of attack

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

As most of you know, I'm not a big numbers guy. But I'm still interested when someone like KC Joyner of The New York Times' Fifth Down Blog comes up with some interesting metrics. In this blog entry, Joyner says that even slight improvement along the Cowboys' offensive line could yield major improvements in the running game.

It has to do with point-of-attack blocking. The Cowboys were apparently pretty bad in that area last season, with three starters having "unacceptable" POA ratings. I'm going to try to secure some coaches' film during training camp and see if I can see that poor POA blocking for myself.

Or maybe I'll just consult with the fellas at Scouts Inc. Thanks for your continued support during the dog days of the NFL offseason. I have some pretty special things planned for later in the week.

One more thing: Happy Birthday, Mom! I know you've always dreamed of being mentioned in the blog. Congratulations.