News flash: Redskins need to score points

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The Redskins will become the third team in the Beast to open training camp Thursday. Most pundits (including this one) have predicted them to finish last in the division, but I could make the case for them taking advantage of a relatively soft schedule and winning nine or 10 games.

But as Larry Weisman pointed out in his debut column with redskins.com, Washington will have to score more points in 2009. Now, the defense could certainly take a lot of pressure off quarterback Jason Campbell and the offense, but at some point, this offense has to become more of a threat. Here's what Weisman said in the first edition of "Redskins Blitz."

"Point two: More on points. They often come from explosive plays. The Redskins need to make more of these. The New Orleans Saints scored seven times last year on a receiver's or rusher's longest play of the season. The Minnesota Vikings did that six times. It happened only twice for the Redskins. Yardage must come in bigger chunks and result in plays that stick daggers in the opponent."

So I guess he's saying it would be nice if Devin Thomas caught a 30-yard touchdown pass every now and then. Congrats to Larry on his new column, although the closing line was somewhat disturbing.

In my mind, the success or failure of the Skins' offense will come down to whether or not the offensive line can protect Campbell. Derrick Dockery is certainly an upgrade, but I'm still not satisfied with what's going on at right tackle. Should we put our trust in Stephon Heyer? I'm not quite ready to make that commitment.