Thoughts of turnovers affecting Romo's dating life?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In case you missed it, Chris Mortensen had a chance to sit down with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Friday and discuss several topics. The interview will show up tonight's Sunday Conversation. Mort asked Jones if Romo was being "coddled" with all this talk of a "Romo-friendly" offense this past offseason. Here's a portion of Jones' answer:

"There's nobody in the world more sensitive to quarterback turnovers than Tony Romo is," said Jones. "And he's lived and breathed and tried to think about it over putts -- he's been criticized for playing a little golf -- and probably every meal he ever had with Jessica Simpson -- he's been probably thinking about those turnovers."

Could Romo's constant daydreaming about turnovers have led to last month's breakup? I'm sure Jones thinks it played at least a minor role. And by the way, there's no truth to the rumor that Jones has submitted a list of prospective rebound relationships for Romo. Jones went on to describe Romo as a "great leader," and said it's a mistake to criticize his quarterback's leadership skills.

He tried to explain to Mort about how he drew a diagram on a white table cloth while informing T.O. of his release. You can go back and listen to the audio. He lost me somewhere about the time he was talking about where the arrows were pointing. Jones said he concluded by telling T.O., "At the end of the day, job well done. You're even, but I'm even and your even."

I'll need someone else to translate that last sentence for me.