Lurie calls the Cowboys 'underrated'

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

During his state-of-the-team address Wednesday, Eagles owner Jeff Lurie singled out the Dallas Cowboys as being the most "underrated" team in the NFC East. Let that sink in for a moment. This is the team that was making plans for Tampa before training camp even broke in '08.

Perhaps it was gamesmanship, or maybe Lurie truly thinks the Cowboys will sneak up on some people in 2009. Anyway, here's his glowing tribute to the Cowboys -- as well as the quarterbacks in the Beast:

"I tend to focus a lot on the quarterbacks and to me the big news in the NFC is we have a division with four quarterbacks capable of winning the Super Bowl," Lurie said. "I think the talent level in the NFC East is the best in football and I think the team that is probably the most underrated is the Dallas Cowboys because they entered last year with by far the most Pro Bowl players.

"Sometimes it takes an extra year to really elevate and reach that. I look back on last year and I see Felix [Jones] and Marion Barber having some injuries. You just see the potential in these teams for dominance. To me, the NFC is pretty loaded and the NFC East is the best in the NFC."

So do you think Lurie likes this Cowboys team -- or is this his subtle way of poking fun at the organization? I tend to think the former. OK, I'll be at news conferences and practices for the next couple hours. Thanks for your patience.