Michael Vick wants the late hits to stop

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick thinks his head coach was right to complain about some of the punishment he's taking after releasing the ball. Vick went on his weekly ESPN Radio 94.1 show in Virginia Beach, Va., and talked about some of those hits in recent games.

"Not to take anything away from the other quarterbacks in the league, if you go back and watch the film, I'm always getting hit after I let go of the football," Vick said Tuesday. "I'm constantly getting hit after I throw the football. Constantly getting my facemask pulled and getting hit in the head and it's never called ... I just think that because I run the ball so much, the referees sometimes will overlook that. They have to understand when I'm in the pocket, I'm a passer. If I get hit late, they should call it. I'm not complaining. I just want to be treated fairly."

Well, actually Vick and Reid are complaining, and there's really nothing wrong with that. They at least want the officials to be thinking about Vick's situation and not hold his rare athleticism against him when it comes to late hits. Some folks would call this whining. Others would see it as a good strategy. Vick wants to be treated like any other quarterback when he's in the pocket and maybe all this talk will have some impact on the officials.

"Every chance they get, I'm getting hit," Vick added. "That's the game. At the same time, it takes a toll on me. I just don't think it's fair. I just hope the referees watch that closely and call it when it needs to be called."

But as I've said several times recently, it might also help to mix in a few more handoffs to LeSean McCoy and Jerome Harrison.