Beast Prediction Friday

We do it every Friday evening at the same time. Let's take a peek at what the ESPN experts are saying about the three games involving NFC East teams, and then I'll offer my predictions:

New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings: Only one brave soul was willing to pick the Vikings in this game -- if you don't count Accuscore. His name is Eric Allen.

Mosley's prediction: Giants 35, Vikings 14. I love the Giants' pass-rush against either Brett Favre or Tarvaris Jackson. This will be a blowout. The Giants will cause four turnovers and run away with this game.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys: Only Adam Schefter and Seth Wickersham picked the Cowboys. For some reason, folks are slow to jump on the Jason Garrett bandwagon.

Mosley's prediction: Eagles 28, Cowboys 24. I've gone back and forth on this one. But I think Michael Vick will be too much for the Cowboys' secondary. DeSean Jackson couldn't do anything against the Cowboys last season, but he'll bust out for 140 yards and two touchdowns Sunday night.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins: Ron Jaworski, Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter were the only experts to pick the home team.

Mosley's prediction: Bucs, 17, Redskins 13. I think the Redskins will play better on defense, but I still don't trust this offense. I'm anxious to see if Ryan Torain can give the running game some punch. But it's hard to imagine the Skins winning this game.