Eagles don't have sympathy for Giants

I asked Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid late Sunday night whether he felt bad for the New York Giants because of their travel woes. I thought he might have a funny response, but he was too caught up in the aftermath of a 30-27 win over the Dallas Cowboys and he just sort of mumbled a couple of sentences before a team employee resumed his line of questioning about left guard Todd Herremans' touchdown catch.

Eagles players have already gone through a walk-through this morning and they'll be preparing for a day off Tuesday while watching the Giants and Vikings on TV -- as long as they have the NFL Sunday Ticket.

"I don't feel bad for them at all," wide receiver Jason Avant told me. "We've played on short weeks a lot of times in the past."

SI.com's Peter King talked to Giants left tackle David Diehl about his team's journey over the weekend. Diehl talked about one of Tom Coughlin's favorite phrases:

"A lot of times,'' said Diehl, "he'll say to us, 'Midstream adjust, midstream adjust,' when you've got to change what you're doing because something comes up or something changes. So we're like, 'Hey coach, midstream adjust! Midstream adjust!' I actually think it was good for us. Usually, when you leave for a road game, guys go off on their own and do whatever. Here, we were all together. Bonding time. I didn't hear guys being mad about it."

Something tells me that Giants fans will far outnumber Vikings fans at Ford Field. And of course we have the drama of whether or not Brett Favre will play with that bum shoulder (Leslie Frazier said it's "doubtful" Favre will play). ESPN will have a camera focused on Ed Werder from now until kickoff in case something breaks.