Tuesday Beastlines: Special Skins Edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

As some of you know, my trip to Redskins Park was cut short because of some events that took place in Philly. But not to fret. I have phone interviews lined up with several top Redskins players and officials over the next three days. I'll also be visiting with Eli Manning via phone at some point this week. OK, let's do some Skins headlines:


  • Bill Oram has a touching story about how Rock Cartwright has moved on after the loss of his mother four years ago.

  • Several skirmishes broke out in this morning's practice.

  • It's 97 degrees at Redskins Park right now. Looks like "lightweight" Mike Williams and Chris Samuels are sitting this one out. Same goes for Cornelius Griffin, Albert Haynesworth and Phillip Daniels.